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Although an estimated 38% of the U.S. population is eligible to donate blood at any given time, less than 4% of the population actually donate each year. In addition, only 2% of the population is on the U.S. national bone marrow registry. As national registries have grown organically and independent of each other, databases have naturally become fragmented.


About Us

At LifeBlocs, our mission is to save human lives one donor match at a time. To achieve this, we strive to provide the following solutions:

1. A non-monetary incentive system that aims to increase the number of blood and bone marrow donors and enable donors to visualize the impact of their donation.

2. An easy-to-integrate, decentralized data storage and matching platform that enables greater collaboration between organizations and nations.

We deliver mathematically proven security and privacy to donors and patients, providing a system for recruiters, testing and storage centers, and hospitals to seamlessly share life-saving data around the globe. These solutions are designed ultimately to increase the overall supply of donors and successful match rate.


We provide advanced quality control and reduce the potential for disease transmission by tracking the blood transfusion and bone marrow donor process.


We enable stronger security than traditional servers by leveraging the design of the “world computer” and by splitting and encrypting data within this design into two parts: identification and medical information.


We create easier and wider-scale accessibility to information for all participants in the value chain, from donors to hospitals.

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Check out our white paper below to learn more about our mission at LifeBlocs.



Peter Kim

Co-Founder & CEO

Eric Fornaciari


Niklas Leck

Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

Cathy Chen

Co-Founder & CMO
Head of Government Relations

Alina HyeJi Woo

Korean Operations

Jonathan Hsu

Data Scientist and Biological Engineer
MIT Ph.D. in Biological Engineering,
Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts
General Hospital

Harish Vemuri


Kavin Vasudevan




Dr. Samir Kubba

Hematologist & Medical Advisor
UCR Assistant Clinical Professor

Dr. Marcos Garcia Pedraza

Healthcare Professional
Business Advisor

Professor Richard Hendler

General Counsel
Professor of Law & Business

Samuel Raymond

Blockchain Architect
MIT Ph.D. in Computational Science,
MIT Geospatial Data Center





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